SARS 2.0 – China Sees Surge In Virus Cases; Now In Skorea… Cases Triple… Can Spread Between Humans

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by usrtea

Most of you retards spend your entire day looking at charts of the SPY and TSLA hoping it moves 5%.

This new Coronvirus has officially infected more than 200 people across multiple Chinese cities and also as far as Thailand, South Korea and Japan. 3 dead so far which have been heavily downplayed as they were over 60. Bro to bro transmission has just been confirmed.

China is likely suppressing these numbers, ICL puts the number of infected at more like 1700. If this is the true number we should start to see some real impact in behaviour and global fear. ICL Report

It’s Chinese Lunar New Year, the most important holiday in their calendar to travel and see family, it’s the perfect location and time for this to spread.

SARS infected around 8k at its height killing 10%, if these numbers get anywhere near that with more global coverage there will be some big moves.

What to play before we all die from this fucker:


Travel Air China – weak already on this news, -4%

Anything to do with public area entertainment. Chinese Cinemas, theme parks etc etc.

Local Chinese Retail shops/centres.

Depending on spread / global traction these can move regionally to HK, Japan, etc.


Chinese healthcare – few of these local shares are already limit up 10%. Shandong Lukang Pharma, Shenzhen neptunas bio-engineering.

Top pick: Shanghai Dragon corp: sick fucking stock name, also makes medical face masks and overalls. Unfortunately you can’t buy unless you have a local account as there is no stock connect.

3M – global provider of face masks, speaking to local HK brokers these are already in high demand and hard to purchase. Also produces hand sanitizer.

Baba – people ain’t gonna be buying shit outside are they.

RECKITT – 26% of revenues from china. Global producer of Dettol, hand sanitizer, all the cleaning stuff you have never used before. Also produces condoms & Lube – my models are predicting fucking to increase 63% YoY whilst everyone is stuck inside, posh wanks could also be primed to rise dramatically.

LAKE – hazmat suits including respiratory apparatus, ~30% revenues from China. Exactly what the Chinese bros are wearing whilst wheeling around these poor ill fuckers about. Its what you retards sent 5x over ebola.

TLDR; Remember the fear from Ebola? Buy Shanghai Dragon Corp.



Cases triple…

Can spread between humans…

Beijing Says ‘No Need to Panic’…

Medics scanning plane passengers stoke fears of global epidemic…


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