Saturday protests: Yellow Vests Act 38 + HONG KONG and MOSCOW antigovernment protest + LONDON Robinson’s supporters vs Antifa – August 3rd LIVE

by Serkok

Here we go again – it’s Saturday, day of protest for many.

Gilets Jaunes are in streets for 38th Saturday in row.
There is also #JusticePourSteve protest today – more info at

 (in French, use translator)

Also protesters demonstrate in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok district against a proposed extradition bill and Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

And there is antigovernment prostest in Moscow too.

Supporters rallying for Tommy Robinson’s release meet with counter-protests in London

/edit: Nantes protest: fires in city, tear gas, black bloc, antifa members, riots.



Toulouse ENGLISH commentary



Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong




In London, at entrance to Downing Street: