Saved >$1800/yr by canceling unnecessary features and subscription

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by beneathperception

Check any recurrent subscriptions regularly for price. I eliminated $500/yr through random subscriptions to online services and/or streaming services earlier this year. Today I thought it was worth doing another once over and realized I had quite a bit more wiggle room.

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My biggest recurrent cost was the cable TV I don’t use that eliminating reduced my monthly bill by $64/mo. Cell phone insurance, Audible, magazine subscriptions, and gaming subscriptions also made a big difference to the tune of $150-$300/yr.

Subscription services frequently change prices after a promo period or with only email notification so it can be easy to miss. $15/mo also doesn’t look too unreasonable until you realize it is $180/yr and that you have 4 of those services active because “meh, only $15, worth it”.

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