Scary times in Australia here

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by GlitteringOriginal52

Please pray for us all in Australia. We may all be in different states but we can still come together, pray and support each other as best we can. Here are some things that have come out from Australia over the past 2 weeks (please feel free to add if I have missed anything).

Western Australia – Numbers for jabs are lowest at the moment. Mark Mcgowan has mandated jabs for FIFO workers (about 100k people) and they must receive first jab by Dec 1st or they lose their jobs). All health workers and aged care are already mandated to have jab. All other healthcare workers now have the mandate (psych, holistic practitioners, dentists, chiro, physio etc.) but not sure when their deadline is. Teachers are next on the hit list.

Northern Territory – Just announced that anyone who comes into contact with anyone else in their workplace must be jabbed by Christmas or lose their job and face a 5k fine.

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Sydney – Just got their “freedom day” on Monday. Most vaccinated state in the world. If you don’t have the jab you cannot return to your workplace until December (I’m sure the rules will change again) and you will be cut off from government assistance come October 31st. Cannot leave 5kms from house if you are not vaccinated.

Melbourne – Anyone who is classed as an essential worker must now have the jab or lose their job.

If anyone can help add anything please let me know. That’s all I know from what I’ve been keeping up with/people letting me know from their own experiences in the states. It’s going to get a lot harder and we really all need your prayers against this tyranny

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