Schmuckie Schumer Proposes $350 BILLION Covid19 Relief Pkg for Minority Communities ONLY.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is proposing a segregated coronavirus relief package that would exclude white Americans impacted by the economic downturn.

Fox News reported Sen. Schumer wants to appropriate $350 billion in funds for minority Americans over a five-year period.

The Economic Justice Act unveiled Thursday by Senate Democrats would “address systemic racism and historic underinvestment in communities of color.”

The proposed legislation says it will offer relief to non-white Americans through “immediate and long-term investments in communities of color.”

Those investments include child care programs, assistance for small businesses, tax credits for renters and Medicaid expansion for minorities.

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Seattle City Council — Fire all white police officers

The Seattle City Council is facing something of a dilemma in its popular pledge to cut the police budget by 50 percent. To do so would require firing a significant number of police officers, which is also popular. The problem is that the firing would be done by seniority and many of the less senior officers are black.  The solution according to City Council member Lisa Herbold is simple: fire officers based on their race.  While that would be the definition of racial discrimination, Herbold clearly believes that it is discrimination for a good cause. The federal courts are likely to disagree.  Most notably, Herbold’s call for racial discrimination against white officers would seek to undue the work of Justice Thurgood Marshall who insisted that racial discrimination unlawful and evil regardless of the race you want to disenfranchise or discriminate against.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best released a video calling the plan of Herbold and others “completely reckless.” She also sent a letter to Mayor Jenny Durkan warning that dramatic cuts would require the layoff of hundreds of officers. The Police Department also warned that the firings would include many minority officers.




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