Schoolgirl, 17, urges other teenagers to get vaccinated after Covid put her in hospital just THREE DAYS after she had her first jab

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  • Maisy Evans, 17, was hospitalised with a Covid-related blood clot in her lung 
  • The schoolgirl tested positive for the virus three days after receiving first jab  
  • She has now urged more young people to get vaccinated if given opportunity 

A 17-year-old who was hospitalised with complications from Covid has urged young people to get vaccinated.

Maisy Evans, from Newport, South Wales, was rushed to The Grange University Hospital earlier this month after testing positive for the virus – just three days after receiving her first jab.

The schoolgirl, who is a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament, was soon diagnosed with a Covid-related blood clot in her lung following numerous blood tests, X-rays and CT scans.

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She has now urged other teenagers to ‘take this virus seriously’ and ensure they get vaccinated if given the opportunity.

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