Schrodinger’s Transgenderism: Definitely Not a Disorder but Still Needs to be “Treated” Medically

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by Chris Black

The medical term for “transgenderism” is ‘gender dysphoria,’ formerly known as ‘gender identity disorder.’

Pro-transgender activists want ‘gender dysphoria’ to be declassified as a medical disorder because it “pathologizes gender variance.”

However, if this occurred, transgender “treatments” may not be covered by health insurance companies.

If gender dysphoria is not a medical disorder, then “gender affirming” treatment (i.e. sex change) is merely cosmetic and not a “medical necessity.”

Various governments have declassified the disorder, including the UK, France, and Denmark. Hard to find info on UK and France, but the Danes still functionally treat transgenderism as a mental illness.

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The WHO ICD classifies transgenderism as a “sexual disorder” under the name ‘gender incongruence,’ to preserve access to health services.

Which disorder should we declassify next?

Depression? Schizophrenia? Anorexia?

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