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Scientists at CERN have announced that everything scientists thought they knew about physics may be entirely false, following the discovery of two new baryon subatomic particles.
“The next few years may tell us whether we’ll be able to continue to increase our understanding of nature or whether maybe, for the first time in the history of science, we could be facing questions that we cannot answer,” Harry Cliff, a particle physicist at CERN said in a recent TED talk.
“The next few years may tell us whether we’ll be able to continue to increase our understanding of nature or whether maybe, for the first time in the history of science, we could be facing questions that we cannot answer,” Harry Cliff, a particle physicist at CERN said in a recent TED talk.
Yahoo News reports:
Equally frightening is the reason for this approaching limit, which Cliff says is because “the laws of physics forbid it.”
At the core of Cliff’s argument are what he calls the two most dangerous numbers in the universe. These numbers are responsible for all the matter, structure, and life that we witness across the cosmos.
And if these two numbers were even slightly different, says Cliff, the universe would be an empty, lifeless place.

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Dangerous No. 1: The strength of the Higgs field

Higgs field
he first dangerous number on Cliff’s list is a value that represents the strength of what physicists call the Higgs field, an invisible energy field not entirely unlike other magnetic fields that permeates the cosmos.
As particles swim through the Higgs field, they gain mass to eventually become the protons, neutrons, and electrons comprising all of the atoms that make up you, me, and everything we see around us.
Without it, we wouldn’t be here.
We know with near certainty that the Higgs field exists because of a groundbreaking discovery in 2012, when CERN physicists detected a new elementary particle called the Higgs boson. According to theory, you can’t have a Higgs boson without a Higgs field.
But there’s something mysterious about the Higgs field that continues to perturb physicists like Cliff.
According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity and the theory of quantum mechanics — the two theories in physics that drive our understanding of the cosmos on incredibly large and extremely small scales — the Higgs field should be performing one of two tasks, says Cliff.


  1. mysteries of faith…egotistical fools think man can understand the infinite…the infinite has to reach down to us and even then, what is revealed is still full of mysteries

  2. The head-line of this article is total bullshit. Certain laws of physics (in fact most laws of physics relating to gravity and the speed of falling bodies) have been proven true countless times. It hard to understand why anyone would bother writing an article that says contains basically no useful information.

    • Truth in headlines: “One physicist describes two key values that allow the universe to exist”. Doesn’t really have that “Earth is flat and sky is falling and it’s a huge secret” ring to it, does it?

    • The headline is absolutely accurate. Whoever taught you science, if anybody did, made a terrible job of it.
      What are today’s “Laws” are merely hypotheses, ideas about how we think that things work. From hypotheses we make predictions, and then design experiments and make observations, to confirm those predictions or to refute them so that we can have added data to make new Hypotheses.
      What the scientists are saying is that the current hypotheses predict certain values, and yet when the come to observe the actual values, there are variances, huge variances. This means that either the calculations are wrong, or the observed measurements are wrong or the hypothesis is wrong.
      If the hypothesis is wrong, then the basis for all our current ideas about how physics works is wrong. Quarks, strings, weak nuclear force all will need to be rethought.
      You can never, never, never prove that a “Law of Physics” is true. You can only say that current observations support the theory, right up until the “black Swan” moment.

  3. Pssssssssssssssssssssst! Interested in a pre enjoyed particle accelerator? Good as new. $10,000,000,000. Located in Switzerland but will deliver for an extra $30,000,000,000.

  4. There are “sciences” that are shunned based on pure prejudices yet they can find major objects in our own solar system and lead us to ways we can heal one another. Our scientists just stubbornly close their eyes to thar which is right before them. Often, Christ taught us about these things and Christians are the first to close their minds tight shut.

  5. Yupp.. Like the “respected” Australian scientist from Sydney University declaration about global warming & being stranded in ICE while in Antarctica (Christmas 2014)… Warm water sink to the bottom of the ocean & pushes ice forming glacial water to the surface of the sea ??

    • You’re right , but that would mean those scientists have to admit the BELIEVE-system they were conditioned into was wrong.
      Most ego’s can’t deal with this.

  6. What, the end of what, medival quasi religious bollocs compared to the “new age shit”.
    We have reatch the end of the line of Theyr ability to procide, not others, and I find this amusing infact, like the science is setled.
    yea, and snow IS a thing of the past, right.
    I gess this is the beginning of an new era, long overdued, and I am certain, we have ion drive within the next year or two, biological metrale, semi-biological materiale printe on 3d printers to help bone structure been strengthen, and so on.
    Why dont we talk about Quantum mech, the drulers playground, and the shit out there is staggering, and missconseptions overlapping eatch others to make it to an gulash of babbel.
    Entanglement in organised strcutres, entanglement that keeps the double field that any materialsisation of matter is, space/time and information.
    I recomend to read about the electric universe theory.
    I am horrifyed by this attempt to strangle the future for our childrens, why dont we have an better way of harvesting energy, from the elcetromagnetic universe, gravity is an dead and lame duck, and is like AGW an pipe dream witch isnt found because it dont exist, other than an obfusication, create by ignorants and scoundrells.
    Our present level of science is just an snotts reatch from the stone age, aka the medival times.
    Progress my ass.

  7. What is truth? Truth is: Objects of nature and their characteristics, which we call as the laws of nature. What we see around us are all objects of nature or things made from objects of nature like: tables, chairs, humans, airplanes, trees, roads, cats, dogs, etc. Do we see real numbers there? No, therefore real numbers are false, since they are not objects of nature. Can you create any truth using something false like real numbers? No you cannot. Therefore mathematics is all wrong. Since physics uses mathematics, physics must all be wrong or false.
    Here is an example from Newton – an object moves in a straight line with constant velocity. We have never seen such an object on earth or in space. Therefore Newton is wrong. There are at least 1000 peer-reviewed papers that say Heisenberg and Einstein are both wrong. They have to be wrong, because they used math. They, including Newton,
    did not observe nature like Galileo did.
    Can a robot do some experiments and find out about humans? No, they cannot, because humans created them. In the same way humans cannot do some experiments, in an isolated and controlled environment, to learn about nature, because nature created humans. Robots must observe humans; humans must observe nature, just like Galileo did, only then we can learn about nature.
    We are on a wrong track. We are missing fundamentals. We are dealing with false things. Money is another such false things. BTW money is also a real number. You cannot create truth using money. Unless you create money-less economy (MLE) you cannot find truth. Take a look at for more on missing fundamentals.

  8. This sensationalist headline, unsupported by the text, sounds like what the National Enquirer or Murdoch-owned tabloids would scream out. This site is quickly losing credibility. Once lost, it is seldom regained.

    • I see nothing “sensational” about the article or the headline. Looking at theories from different perspectives is healthy thought.
      In my humble opinion, mankind is still evolving from being a pure animal to something less animalistic. Human imagination is not shared by animals. At this point in time, we are still way more animal, a predatory one and a herding one. The problem began when humans used their imagination to kill each other instead of helping each other. This is more prevalent in the herding variety of human kind. But, too many predators of any animal species will eventually cancel themselves out.The less to predate, the less predators. Socialism is the only answer if we are to survive as a species in this immense unfathomable universe. We are, after all smaller than a grain of sand in the whole scope of reality.Our departure would not cause the slightest ripple in the universe, so it is up to us if we want to survive.

  9. Physicists should try to understand what is there in Vedas. Vedas do not have God. It only describes the laws of nature like: Soul theory, Yoga, Reincarnation, Destiny etc. Hinduism does not follow Vedas. Hinduism believes in God and many other non-vedic concepts like good and bad karma etc. Once you pay attention, you will see that this soul theory can explain many of the things you have described in your report.
    The foundation of Vedas is yoga, yogic meditation, and yogic power. Using such yogic meditation you can acquire the power of divine vision. Such yogis are called Seer-yogis. They can See anything and everything using the eyes of their mind. Such a yogi has already described the theory of creation of the universe. It is written in a small book, called Samkhya, and has about 70 two-line verses. About half of that is summarized in the soul theory chapter in the free book at
    Just like the atmosphere of earth is filled with oxygen and nitrogen molecules, in the same way the entire universe is filled with (1) root material and (2) root cause. Both are tiny invisible particles, but visible to any high level yogis, with the power of divine vision.
    It is obvious that we should have root material in nature using which everything else is created. Bible loosely calls it cosmic dust. Since every effect requires a cause, there must be root cause also. Both are invisible to human senses, but are visible to a high level yogi.
    Root material has three properties: Satta, Tamas, and Rajas. Satta is like knowledge, brightness, etc. Tamas is the reverse of that, ignorance, darkness and Rajas has the active property. Throughout the life these three properties continuously change over time. Normally root material is neutral, that is satta and tamas are balanced and rajas remain inactive.
    Root cause is the soul. A soul has, among other things, the consciousness property. Every object in the universe is created by one such soul and by using the root material with different combination of its three properties. Rajas become active only when a soul creates the first object in the chain of objects. Thus you are created by your soul and I am created by my soul. Similarly, sun, moon, earth, plants, dogs, cats, galaxies, stars, electrons, bosons, etc. are all created by their own individual souls. Therefore there is no object, like God, that has created the entire universe.
    Reincarnation, Destiny, and Yogic power examples, as demonstrated by nature, prove the validity of the above theory. The free book has a collection of many examples to illustrate the Samkhya theory.

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