Scientists hunt for ‘Su’ who could be mystery ‘patient zero’

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The revelations come after British officials conceded this week that the possibility of a lab leak remains “plausible” – with mysterious “Patient Su” appearing to have been traced close to the Wuhan Institute

Scientists are hunting for a Chinese woman dubbed “Patient Su” who may be the first person to have contracted coronavirus.

The 61-year-old has reportedly been traced back to an address three miles from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where some researchers believe the bug escaped in a lab leak.

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Gilles Demaneuf, a data scientist who works with online sleuth team DRASTIC as they conduct an independent probe into the origins of Covid, made the discovery.

The woman reportedly fell ill with Covid-like symptoms in November and was taken to the nearby Rongjun Hospital in Wuhan.

China has so far given December 8 to the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the date of its “earliest onset case”.

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Demaneuf told the Mail on Sunday: “We were able to pinpoint the exact name, age and address of a very early suspected case nearly one month before the official first case.

“That address is right next to the subway line No 2 and also not far from a People’s Liberation Army hospital that treated some of the other earliest cases.”


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