SCOTUS Justice Suddenly Flips! Massive Case Back In Question

A new and strange report is out about the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS), John Roberts, that claims he was secretly trying to pressure the other sitting justices to not overturn the historic Roe V Wade decision in what is seen as both the left and the right, as a complete betrayal of the moderate position the leader of the SCOTUS claims to favor.

The new report is causing the left to claim all sorts of new things about the nature of the May 2 Politico leak, which ignited a well-prepared mob of street activists to stalk and attack members of SCOTUS.

Conservatives have long scrutinized Republican Roberts for having left-leaning proclivities.  Roberts’s opinions have inflamed Americans by favoring the far left at crucial times when he could have helped save the Republic. It has long been suspected that Roberts, behind the scenes, is a different person than he is on paper.

Early week reports in CNN and Business Insider claimed that Roberts privately tried to sway other justices not to overturn Roe v. Wade and that his attempts were destroyed by the unprecedented May 2 draft leak pushed out to Politico.

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Roberts is being reported as wanting the other justices to uphold Roe v. Wade, and CNN says he was working privately to undermine their opinions.

“BREAKING REPORT: CNN claims Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts WORKED UP UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE in Attempt to Flip Conservative Justices on Roe v. Wade Decision,” Chuck Callesto reported on Twitter.


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