Seattle City Council readies bill to abolish police but hey, you can get the library to read you a story!

by DCG



The Seattle City Council knows exactly who is best to respond to your immediate, critical needs. The NY Post reports:

“Under the bill, cops would be replaced by “community-led activities” and organizations focused on “housing, food security, and other basic needs” along with “culturally-relevant expertise rooted in community connections,” according to documents posted by Christopher Rufo, Director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty.

To gain police department funding, groups must show they are “well-versed in de-escalation skills” along with “trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis” and are “committed to hiring staff from the communities they serve,” according to the proposal.”

But hey, don’t worry if you can’t get an armed police officer to assist you during a rape or violent beat down. The libraries are still closed due to Wuhan virus political warfare, yet you can call Seattle Public library (SPL) and listen to a taxpayer-funded employee read a story. That’s because there’s $86 MILLION taxpayer dollars funding the library.

In a crisis, you can just call the SPL Lit Line for a little comfort!

“This phone service is designed to help library patrons with limited technology access stay connected to literature, local history, and their library while they are unable to visit us in person. Simply call 206-386-4656 and listen to a recording of a story, article or poem. “

I realize that the Seattle Council isn’t suggesting you call the library instead of the police they want to abolish yet…you never know with these crazy leftists. It could just be one part of their progressive solutions!



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