SeaWorld is f*cked

by MaMainManMelo

$SEAS – Seaworld (2019)

Revenue: 1.4bln

Net income: 90 mln.

Depreciation & Amortization: $160 mln

Operating Expenses: $650 mln

Cash & Cash equivalents: $40mln

Loans: $1.5 bln

Interest paid per year: $84 mln

100% revenue comes from people coming to their theme parks.

They don’t at all seem poised to cover all their static costs if money dries up and those giant tanks don’t maintain themselves!

In fact 30% of their revenue comes from the Orlando location, and we’ve already had coronavirus reports in Florida. You know those boomers are gonna he spreading this shit around.

This shit stock was only worth $12 two years ago and had a idiotic bull run to $36. It’s dropped down to $21 now but it’s still early this shits got a lot of room to run.

If they have to close for a month.. they are completely fucked.

TLDR: $SEAS $15p 9/18



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