Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Shuts Down Democrats’ Subpoena, Won’t Appear for Impeachment Inquisition: ‘No Legal Basis’

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signaled Tuesday that five current and former State Department officials would not show up for depositions scheduled by House Democrats in connection with their impeachment inquiry.

Pompeo asserted that the House’s demand for testimony from five current and former State Department officials beginning this week raised “significant legal and procedural concerns” and questioned the committee’s authority to compel an appearance by officials for a deposition through the letters sent last week, according to a letter that the secretary of State released on his Twitter feed.

“Based on the profound legal and procedural deficiencies … the Committee’s requested dates for depositions are not feasible,” Pompeo wrote, adding that the State Department “will be in further contact with the committee in the near future as we obtain further clarity on these matters.”

The secretary of State also claimed that there is “no legal basis” for Democrats’ threat that the failure of the officials to meet their timeline for documents and testimony would constitute obstruction of the impeachment inquiry. He raised concerns that House Democrats are seeking to “intimidate” State Department officials with a slew of requests on Ukraine and President Trump’s interactions with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


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