SEE IT: Group of NYC teens block traffic, attack SUV in broad daylight

A group of teens was caught on camera blocking traffic on a street in downtown Manhattan on Tuesday and attacking an SUV in broad daylight.

The Twitter account NY Actions on Tuesday afternoon posted back-to-back videos of the incident, which appeared to show dozens of teens on bicycles stopping traffic in the area of Fifth Avenue and 21st Street.

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The teens appeared to target one vehicle in particular: a 2019 BMW SUV.

The 36-year-old driver — who wasn’t identified — told police he had stopped at an intersection in the area to allow a large group of bicyclists to pass.

In a 14-second clip, multiple people in the group are shown jumping on the hood of the car. The teens also appeared to take turns damaging the vehicle. One teen was seen using his bike to smash the hood of the vehicle while another was seen jumping on the windshield, causing it to partially shatter and cave in.

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h/t Where Eagles Dare