Seems God Has Send A Hurricanes Squad To Help Mr. President

by Samvel Z. Harutyunyan

Yes, it seems Donald Trump gets an unexpected support from our Holy Lord – this time in the form of a hurricanes squad, that shocked the South and the Southeast of the United States. They all have their names – does anyone have an idea, who names them like that – the ordinary human names, that really don’t foretell anything bad or threatening…… Judge for yourself – Harvey, Jose, Irma, Katia, Lee, Maria, Sean, Vince… I ask you a simple question – is there just something threatening, when you hear this ordinary names? Not of course. Imagine your wife telling you that some “Harvey” or “Irma” will arrive soon, and you’re watching a football game or a western, you will rashly answer something like: “Aw let him/her come, I’ll show ‘em ..” and other and other….. The hurricanes must have frightening names, to make people rouse, pull together and prepare to meet the danger. Now seriously.
September is the ninth month since Donald Trump lives and works in the White House..  Sure, there was another candidate for the place, but we know the results. If we take into account, how serious and heavyweight Trump’s opponent was in reality, we should really value and understand the meaning of his unprecedented victory……. This was the system’s defeat, definitely. The people got tired of all this, and has voted for its own candidate, a man, who has built himself from the very beginning, the zero level. Now we perfectly know, how many problems, inherited from the Obama administration and the new ones, did he face – from the Russian case to North Korean Kim Jong-un problem, and it was clearly seen, that someone very and very experienced and professional, like a chess mate player, was creating more and more difficulties and problems for the President. And those problems were growing, while they increased. The ‘Russian support’ for the Trump’s campaign is not proved until now. If it was, America would have a new President today, probably Mike Pence. They couldn’t prove this, even with Jim Comey. They couldn’t, because that was not a true. Yes, they worked heavily to get closer and closer to their goals, but ..oooppssss. And the new President, staying under the real hail of problems, has to put more and more energy and means to face them. The next real problem was the fight for the monuments in Charlottesville, Virginia – short after this, when Trump blamed both sides of the conflict, which was rightly and timely, the pro-system media has blamed him for his support to KKK and even the Nazis….
Someone was masterly pushing the country towards the new civil war. And the North-Korean issue was constantly growing in its turn, as if making Trump move towards that catastrophic mistake, that could cost him his Presidency, if not more…… But he acted as a tightrope walker – cautiously and thoughtfully. Now this hurricanes…….. – Harvey, Irma, and other, and other. And he went to Texas – the richest state, flooded with the endless downpours and storms. He went there to be closer to his people, most of which left their homes and the other property. He was a successful businessman, and the emergencies are his element. He will manage all this, and do you know what? With every problem, he becomes closer and closer to his people, becomes more and more native. Because people see him fighting and accepting all these challenges, and not covering himself with the beautiful phrases…. Even God, who has sent the hurricanes’ squad to the South and the Southeast of the United States, seems to be on his side – the more problems he faces, the stubborner and stronger he becomes. And this is right the person, America has been waiting for quite a long time. Good luck, Mr. President.

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