Senate Majority Leader McConnell Betrays Trump Again, Endorses Biden Steal

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by Chris Black

Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell said yesterday that Joe Biden is the President Elect and the winner of the 2020 election. Not only did he say that, but he warned that any Senator who objects to his fatwa is going to be punished.

I am glad to hear that it’s going to be some bi-partisanship back in Washington DC, as McConnell said he’ll get together with both Biden and Kamala Harris to “sort things out” sooner rather than later. It makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside.

What will be the end of that? Massive immigration? Bad trade deals? Foreign wars? 

This is “our” Senate Majority Leader, “Republican” Mitch McConnell: in the same breath he’s going out on TV and says that Joe Biden is the President Elect, and what a great thing that Kamala Harris is “our” first woman VP…then he goes and tells Republicans that they have to go and vote in the Senate runoff in January to keep him as Senate Majority Leader.

How many abuses, how many betrayals do you have to see before you realize what’s going on? In the past two weeks alone, we had the NDAA, when Mitch McConnell in the Senate whipped a veto-proof majority to pass this, with the war amendment that strips away the confederate names on military bases, which not even Elisabeth Warren voted for; it did not include anything about Section 230 and also included provisions that would prevent Real President Trump from withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in the remaining 6 weeks of his presidency.

The same Senate that passed the elimination of the country-cap on H1B visas, same Senate where you had 4 Republican members meet with Chuck Schumer and George Soros and the Chamber of Commerce to discuss amnesty at the American Immigration Business Coalition, not to mention “illustrious” Rep. Senators saying they are ready to work with Joe Biden after he’s inaugurated at January 20th.  

This is the Senate we have to vote for. This is the Republican party that we are being told we just got to vote! No matter what McConnell does, we have to vote for him, no matter what Republicans do, you have to vote for them. You just got to do it,  because the alternative is far worse, right?

What are you going to do, give the Senate to Democrats? Who are going to bring in immigrants, and bring us wars, and raise our taxes? 

Stop being tricked by the Republican party and by the system. Voters have all the power, and if we decide to rise up against the system, the system will be forced to show its hand and say clearly: you, the voters, are not in control. 

There are two options, really, and the best thing is to always force a dictatorship to act like a dictatorship: first, we rise up and take the party back, or, we rise up, we get shut down, they tell us “we’re in control, not you, peasants”, and then we revolt. 

Sounds like two very good options to me. The option I don’t care for is the one where we keep voting for Republicans forever, no matter what they do, and they never represent us, and they never respect us, and they remain in control without telling us that they’re going to do whatever they want no matter how we vote, no matter how we think.

The worst-case scenario is not the Democrats getting control of the Senate, but that we never gain control over one of the two parties. Remember how yesterday Mitch McConnel went in a conference call with other Republican Senators and told them not to object about the Joe Biden election? This is from AP:

 A handful of House Republicans have signaled that they want to object to the results, a move that could force separate votes in the Senate and the House. But to do so, they would need a senator to sign on. And even if a senator did support the effort, the move would almost certainly fail.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell privately asked his caucus not to do that, saying it would be a “terrible vote” for the Senate to have to take, according to two people familiar with the Republican meeting and granted anonymity to discuss it.

The procedure is that VP Pence counts the Electoral College votes in front of a joint session of Congress; if a House Rep and a Senator object to the electoral votes being counted, there is a debate held on the floor, and then they will have to go through a vote in both the House and the Senate on the electoral college votes that are tallied; they basically have to vote to certify them.

If one Republican Senator objects to it, there’s a chance to slow down the process, and it will make it clear to the American people that Republicans don’t accept this as a legitimate victory; and Mitch McConnell was telling these Republicans: do not object to it, we are going to give the votes to Biden and nobody’s going to object, because if someone objects in the Senate, then they will have to have a vote over it, and Republicans will have to vote for Biden, because they support Biden instead of Trump.

And that’s very bad optics, eh?

McConnell doesn’t want voters to know that the Republican party will ALL vote for Biden. That is what they would do! McConnell wants the election to go smoothly, without objection, without debate, and without him being forced to put it through a vote and reveal the real face of the Republican party. 

It’s all a big game, but essentially, they say “let’s trick the American people, don’t object, so we can get away with our subterfuge”, i.e. supporting the Biden transition without being on the hook for doing that. 


Once again, this is the Republican Senate that “we have to have”, lest the Democrats will do something terrible. Give me a break.


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