Senkaku Islands dispute: US and Japan draw up plans to defend disputed islands from China

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China’s official doctrine is to take Taiwan by diplomacy or force, any means necessary, by 2021 (the 100th anniversary of their Communist Party). This has been openly stated by Xi Jinping, so the short-fuse countdown is set, lest China’s Govt, and especially Xi, lose “face”.


Senkaku Islands dispute: US and Japan draw up plans to defend disputed islands from China
JAPAN and the United States are drawing up plans to fight China for ownership of a remote cluster of islands in the Pacific.
November 6, 2018

Now, Japan and the United States are drawing up battle plans to enable their forces to fight together against any Chinese incursion. And their forces are engaged in their biggest combined war games, practising to do just that.

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The biggest war games ever conducted around Japan are underway, demonstrating the interoperability of Japanese Self Defence Forces with those of the US and Canada. The nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is the centrepiece of the Keen Sword exercise which has mobilised more than 57,000 soldiers, sailors and air force personnel.

Asia’s Next Crisis: The Coming Conflict Over Taiwan? 
September 19, 2018
Taiwan is a country under siege as it faces the prospect of eventual reunification with China, on China’s terms, and potentially as soon as 2021—the centenary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.

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Is China planning to take Taiwan by force in 2020?
Deng Yuwen believes Beijing is coming to the conclusion that if it is to achieve reunification with Taiwan, as Xi Jinping has pledged to do at the 19th party congress, it has to do so by force, and sooner rather than later
04 January, 2018




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