SETH RICH Family Investigator ROB WHEELER Told By DC POLICE “Stand Down” – Orders From High Up – PLUS, Actress Robbin Young Shared Information In The Case With Wikileaks Is Threatened.

by Pamela Williams
This is the biggest story we may ever witness.  Seth Rich was a beautiful young man, who was a DNC employee over Voter Data, and he was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter.  I am sure you know that Seth was murdered – gunned down – shot in the head as he was headed home late at night in his DC neighborhood.
The Rich family hired Investigator Rob Wheeler to privately investigate his death, as the DC Police was not making any progress.  His death was not a robbery, and it had been declared a homicide…the family wanted answers.
Wheeler found out right away that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker, which the firm hired by the DNC to investigate the leaks:  Crowdstrike, immediately blamed on Russia.  In fact, the DNC would not allow the FBI to investigate, hiring Crowdstrike instead.
Crowdstrike is supported by Eric Schmidt of Google, and Schmidt contributed to the Hillary Clinton campaign.  The DNC clearly had a conflict of interest here, and the FBI looked the other way.  This is how the Russian hacking story began.  The biggest setup in history has been pulled on the American people, and it is still being played on President Trump.
Let me make this clear:

  1. The DNC chose between their two candidates:  Clinton was their choice, while Bernie Sanders was set up to lose.
  2. DNC staffer and Sanders supporter Seth Rich was privy to this information.
  3. Rich was an honorable man, and he fought back by leaking this information to Wikileaks.
  4. The DNC Clinton Team discovered this.
  5. He was murdered, and no investigation insued by the authorities.
  6. Julian Assange published the DNC leaks.
  7. He insinuated Seth Rich was the leaker.
  8. Actress Robbin Young tweeted that her romantic online interest was Guccifer 2.0.
  9. Guccifer 2.0 told her that his friend Seth Rich was the whistleblower.
  10. Robbin just tweeted this:

              Robbin Young?
Verified account
 @Robbin_Young  May 15  
I posted @GUCCIFER_2’s Seth Rich DM. @EdButowsky contacts & tells me to “back off” or I might die like Seth. Wouldn’t you feel threatened?!
I tried to go to @EdButowsky’s page, and it looks to me it was shut down.  
But I found an article about him on
He is a man who believed Seth Rich was murdered by someone from DNC from the beginning.

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The below was taken from Huffington Post.  As you can see, hey are degrading Butowsky.
Multiple sources have publicly contradicted this, however: The U.S. intelligence community released a report in January concluding that WikiLeaks obtained its material last summer from Russia-backed hackers working as part of a Russian effort to help make Donald Trump president.
Still, Fox News contributor Ed Butowsky hired Wheeler to investigate Rich’s death, according to MSNBC.
We now have an update on Wheeler’s “probe,” because Fox News and Fox 5 decided to publish his unverified claims. Wheeler has said he has anonymous sources within the police investigation who have seen evidence of ties between the former staffer and WikiLeaks. He has also asserted that Clinton and her allies, the DNC or the D.C. government must be covering up evidence of a conspiracy to kill Rich. 
Fox News and Fox 5 didn’t call Washington police officials before suggesting they might be implicated in a conspiracy to cover up a murder, a police spokeswoman told HuffPost. There’s no evidence that either outlet spoke to Wheeler’s sources or confirmed they exist. 
I just found out that it was Butowsky who is helping the Rich family.
Family detective Rob Wheeler talks to FOX NEWS HANNITY about the Seth Rich investigation.

Published on May 16, 2017
Former DC homicide detective goes on ‘Hannity’ to discuss his probe into the mystery surrounding Seth Rich’s murder

In conclusion ,it is very disturbing to discover that WIKILEAKS founder, Gavin McFayden , died at about the same time that Rich died.  Further McFayden was emailing with Rich.
This is beyond the pale in the fact, we are discussing the death of two people, who only sought to tell the truth.  But look at who they were incriminating with that precious truth.

13 thoughts on “SETH RICH Family Investigator ROB WHEELER Told By DC POLICE “Stand Down” – Orders From High Up – PLUS, Actress Robbin Young Shared Information In The Case With Wikileaks Is Threatened.”

  1. Those giving the stand down orders now, as well as the cops investigating the murder, need to be charged with accessory after the fact. There’s just no way a reasonable person could come to the conclusion that this obviously uninterrupted murder was a botched robbery given the smartphone, watch and wallet all were found on the body.
    Wheeler seems unimpressed and willing to investigate properly. Maybe he should get Comey’s former job.

    • Dude, that an investigator gets told to stop at all, exposes we live in a dictatorship, without equal protection under the law. That’s what a mafia boss does, not a country formed as a constitutional republic.
      I’m not getting any younger, so if someone intends to uncork this bottle and start something, the sooner the better.

  2. Idc about anything else other than a smart black man is being shown on TV.
    He did exactly the right thing when he was told to stand down. They didn’t even offer him the “take the silver or get the lead” option, which would make me feel disrespected. You IMMEDIATELY go public. Otherwise you commit suicide, like everyone else the government wants to whack.

    • This is the most encompassing story! It includes:
      1. murder of DNC STAFFER,
      2 falsely blaming RUSSIA FOR DNC LEAKS,
      5. murder of WIKILEAKS founder

      • The Swamp Creatures are No Longer Nocturnal.
        The Stories are now exposed in the Light of Day.
        But To What Effect??? The Cousins expect the
        masses to turn back to their Digital or Opioid Soma,
        Banter Loudly over Coffee, Tea, or Bottled Mineral Water,
        and hope that life somehow continues to function.
        ThIS Dumbing Down and Sedation has been progressing
        steadily for 60 plus years, leaving no one young enough
        to make a difference with memories of an era without
        these programs and their effects.
        As a side effect of this program, large portions of the
        population find the term “Personal Sacrifice” Abhorrent.
        Our Leaders have been patiently waiting for a tipping point, where
        the greater percentage (70%?) will embrace Distopia,
        regardless of how extremely “Distopian” or “Criiminal and
        murderous” this “New Normal” is.
        The Evidence that this “Tipping Point” has been Reached,
        Surrounds Us.

        • You are exactly right! I am getting ready to do two articles:
          1. We are under another massive cyber attack right now.
          2. An imposter has been leading the staffing of the Trump Adminstration – Trump Is Surrounded.

          • Casara,
            I wandered away 25 years ago.
            (I see Bavarians [and Turks and Asylum Seekers] when I
            look out the window.)
            Also I appologize for my agressive language in our last exchange.
            My point of view is different, and also my research, which was
            rather intense for several years. To understand what you see
            outside your window, understanding some of the Genealogy from
            the last 400 years is required.
            America was the perfect colony, like an Ant Colony, or like the Matrix.
            We refused to believe Royal Descent and Nobility played a role,
            allowing those families to subjugate the commoners without scrutiny.
            In the name of Anti-Semitism a finger cannot be pointed at a Jew.
            But we have specific groups of Cousins that own and control Trillions
            Worldwide. And Well, Yes, they are Jewish. And to label them
            simply as Khazarian is a simplistic lie. They are much more than that.
            In the same way you have respect for a Tiger when you are locked in
            a small room with him, I have great respect for these Cousins and
            their Genius. I do not share their Religion that is a mix of Darkest
            Kabalism, Talmudism, mixed wth Egyptian and Luciferian Beliefs.
            In the support of Zionism and Israel, Born Agains seldom ask if
            they are supporting G-d’s People or Jewish leaders with Luciferian Goals.
            (As the Reality Appears to be that they are doing Both Simultaneously)
            I don’t like to play Chess with a Hammer, and I don’t like Baseless Claims,
            But maybe I can lend some support.
            (and I am NOT Anti Israel)

  3. It is obvious to all who can read that H. was the obvious threat to both Rich & McFayden and responsible for their demise.
    But here in the US only the little people get charged and convicted.


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