Severe damage to global growth has been spotted – prepare for a rough ride in the months ahead. Banks tightening lending standards for consumers.

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IMF Staff Floats Dual Money To Allow Much Deeper Negative Rates

IMF Staff Floats Dual Money to Allow Much Deeper Negative Rates

Bloomberg7 hours ago
The key is the conversion rate since that would let cash depreciate at the same pace as the negative interest rate on e-money. Shops would also start advertising …

Public pensions are the Trojan Horses of US entitlements

The Hill48 minutes ago
Total unfunded liabilities at U.S. state and local public defined benefit pension plans are about $1.4 trillion — more than three times their pre-financial crisis level …

Greed Is Back as Debt Markets Face an $8.6 Trillion Hangover

BloombergQuint22 hours ago
(Bloomberg) — Prayers for a sudden return to dovish monetary policies have been answered, and now investors are living with the aftermath: a world awash with …

Report: Pensions fuel Kentucky’s $54 billion debt

WLWT Cincinnati12 hours ago
Kentucky is more than $54 billion in debt, with estimated unfunded retirement benefits accounting for more than 80 percent of that figure. Republican Auditor …


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Illinois group pushes tax hikes to cover pension debt

Pensions & Investments19 hours ago

In a bow to political and economic realities, the organization representing Illinois’ largest companies Tuesday unveiled a plan to pay off more than $130 billion in ..

Gas tax increase eyed as Ohio falls billions short for road repairs

New Philadelphia Times Reporter17 hours ago
Gas tax increase eyed as Ohio falls billions short for road repairs …. current president of the Ohio Oil & Gas Association, called that debt number “very startling.”.

Millennial Money: Student loan default can gut your paycheck

KOMO News20 hours ago

There’s a dirty little secret of the student debt crisis. … The taboo topic is wage garnishment and it works like this: Default on your federal student loans and the ..


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