‘Sex Ed Showdown’: Parents Defeat Planned Parenthood in Blue Massachusetts

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‘Sex Ed Showdown’: Parents Defeat Planned Parenthood in Blue Massachusetts

In a column at the Daily Signal, Michael King, MFI director of community alliances, referred to the joint efforts of his organization, parents, and church leaders as a “sex ed showdown” with Planned Parenthood and its supporters.

He told Breitbart News in a phone interview that the Worcester school board committee ultimately voted down the curriculum because of the outreach of both parents and church leaders who outnumbered supporters of Planned Parenthood.

He testified before the school board committee after reviewing the “Making Proud Choices” sex-ed curriculum materials, asserting that “abstinence” has been “redefined” in one of the program’s workshops to include:

French-kissing; anal sex; fingering a partner’s genitals; mutual masturbation; dry humping; sharing fantasies … phone sex … grinding … sex with clothes on; rubbing bodies with clothes on; masturbating a partner; hand job … mouth-penis contact; touching a partner’s nipples … mouth-anus contact … striptease and caressing a partner’s scrotum and testicles.

“The only reason I read that is because that is how we are defining abstinence today,” King continued in his testimony. “And I think a lot of people in this room would have a different definition of abstinence.”…

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