Sharia Law Is Incompatible With American Values

By Gabrielle Seunagal

By definition, Sharia Law is the religious law forming the Islamic tradition. Despite the irrational claims of the Left, Sharia Law is not loving, peaceful, or tolerant. In fact, Sharia Law is one of the most hateful, venomous, and intolerant ideologies known to man. Under Sharia Law, murder, rape, and mutilation are acceptable. Women are treated worse than slaves and sexism is ingrained in the culture. Under no circumstances whatsoever can Sharia Law be permitted to foster in this nation. We the people have come too far only to have our ways of life and liberties annihilated by this poison. The American people must be vigilant and strongly oppose Sharia Law along with any individual who abides by it.


Persons who abide by Sharia Law are obviously innately terrified of the so called “weaker sex.” Why else would the policies aimed at women contain such oppression and inhumanity? Women are prohibited from driving, barred from testifying against her rapist in court, and halted from speaking with a male who is not her husband or father. Additionally, young girls are subjected to having their clitorises removed and being married as children; their “husbands” are then permitted to “consummate the marriage” when the girl reaches age NINE. Women are also subjected to beatings from their husbands and not allowed to drive. Islamic men must truly fear women, because their culture sure does everything in its power to strip women of their power, femininity, and dignity. It is quite unfortunate; this is what feminists should be protesting against. The horrors that women are subjected to are far worse than any locker room talk that President Trump participated in over a decade ago.

Not only does Sharia Law oppress and abuse women, but it also displays a complete lack of tolerance towards people of other religions, faiths, or beliefs. Criticizing Muhammad or any part of the Quran are offenses that warrant a death sentence under Sharia Law. Also, Muslims who convert to other religions are subjected to execution, as is a non-Muslim who marries a Muslim woman or convinces a Muslim to leave Islam. Liberals love to preach about the tolerance and open mindedness of Islam, but they are mistaken. Islam followers do not tolerate any person who they perceive as a threat to the domination of their ideology.

Halting the spread of Sharia Law in the United States of America has never been more essential. Sadly, Sharia is already here: two Michigan doctors were recently arrested for performing female genital mutilation on girls as young as six years old. This is unacceptable and must be nipped in the bud. Sharia Law followers do not wish to peacefully assimilate to the American way of life; they want to dominate and gradually enact their ideology until it becomes the law of the land. This cannot happen. One of the best ways to prevent the spread of Sharia Law is by not importing its followers and by arresting those who participate in it, seeing as it directly breaches American laws and customs. Make no mistake: American culture and Islamic culture are not compatible. There is no middle ground. For the sake of the American people, we must be sure that our culture prevails.