SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED. BEHOLD MY SHOCKED FACE: More Than Half of Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Does Not Go Towards Infrastructure.

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Infrastructure and “At Home” Infrastructure

So, let’s look at infrastructure:

  • The plan would invest $115 billion to revamp highways and roads, including 10 major and 10,000 smaller bridges in need of reconstruction. It also includes $20 billion to improve road safety, including for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • The plan calls for $85 billion to modernize existing transit systems and help agencies expand to meet rider demand. The investment would double federal funding for public transit.
  • Biden is proposing $80 billion to fix Amtrak’s repair backlog.
  • Biden’s proposal establishes $174 billion in grant and incentive programs for state and local governments and the private sector to build a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers by 2030.
  • The proposal seeks to replace 50,000 diesel transit vehicles and electrify at least 20 percent of the country’s “yellow school bus fleet.”
  • The plan invests $25 billion in airports, including programs to renovate terminals and expand car-free access to air travel.
  • Biden is also pitching $17 billion for inland waterways, coastal ports, land ports of entry, and ferries to invest in the nation’s freight system.
  • The American Jobs Plan targets 40 percent] of the benefits of climate and clean infrastructure investments to disadvantaged communities.

The “at home” infrastructure must be that “human infrastructure” people within the White House told the media about a few weeks ago:

  • Biden’s proposal invests $213 billion to build and retrofit more than 2 million homes. The plan would build and rehabilitate more than 500,000 homes for low- and middle-income home buyers and invest $40 billion to improve public housing.
  • Biden’s proposal aims to deliver universal broadband, including to more than 35 percent of rural Americans who currently lack access to high-speed Internet.
  • The plan invests $111 billion to replace the country’s lead pipes and service lines. The effort would reduce lead exposure in 400,000 schools and child-care facilities and improve the safety of drinking water.
  • The proposal calls for $100 billion to upgrade and build new public schools. It also invests $12 billion in community college infrastructure and $25 billion to upgrade child-care facilities.
  • The plan would put $16 billion toward hundreds of thousands of jobs plugging oil and gas wells and reclaiming abandoned coal, hardrock and uranium mines. Jobs would also be created to lay transmission lines.
  • Biden is proposing $18 billion to modernize the Department of Veterans Affairs’ hospitals and clinics, and $10 billion to revamp federal buildings.
  • The plan also invests $10 billion for conservation workers, including those focusing on public lands and environmental justice.


Remember, even if you combine the infrastructure and “at home” infrastructure totals, you still have over $1 trillion going to non-infrastructure items.

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Biden wants $400 billion for the care economy, which targets caretakers and access to care for seniors and adults with disabilities.

Then there’s $580 billion for research and development, manufacturing, and training. The research and development portion concentrates on climate change.

We also have $100 billion to develop the workforce in low-income communities.

But in all honesty, don’t you think a few of the bullet points under infrastructure and “at home” infrastructure belong in this section? I do.

The IRS will also get some money to help agents perform more tax audits on companies. This leads into the next section.


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