SHOCKING: Science can HARVEST, and re-direct your bodies electricity to HEAL YOU FASTER.

To some this will not be surprising at all. The entire Universe is electric in nature. Every interaction between matter is guided by the electric properties of said matter. It is said that we carry enough electricity in our skin to light a 60 watt lightbulb.

Some scientists took the electric nature of our bodies and ran with it in a fantastic direction, eventually creating a bandage which redirects some of your bodies natural electricity into the area of the woundThis very small amount of additional electricity has been proven to drastically reduce the healing time for a wound.

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The government used this study to create their conclusions on the role of electricity in healing of wounds in vertebrets.

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The bandaid of the future, using your own electricity to heal you faster

This is very cool and has some wild implications for the future. How will our understanding of electricity improve our bodies healing processes even further?!?


h/t graff2


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