Shouldn’t people be more concerned about the fact, not only does Jeff Bezo’s have a seat at the Pentagon, but controls the voting software used on 40 different states?

by repfam4life

I mean it’s pretty scary knowing that Bezos has the power to skew the election if he wanted too. This man has so much power and not enough people are aware of this. Not only that, but he also has a 600 million dollar deal with the CIA. This man keeps gaining more control over politics and intelligence Agency’s and people are still not talking about this as much as they should be.

Edit: Just adding the sources.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos joins a group led by ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt to advise the Pentagon

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How moved into the business of U.S. elections

Amazon and CIA $600 million deal

Side note: I just think this article by the WashingtonPost(Bezos owned) is funny, Jeff Bezos “never joined” the defence innovation board




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