Showdown! Pelosi Talking About $1 Trillion For Cities & States In Next Coronavirus Fiscal Stimulus!

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(by Half Dollar) It may sound Agenda 2030ish with the whole “sustainable” part, but hey, she’s a Deep State Globalist, so what would we expect?

Well, we can expect sustainable government, compliments of (broke) Uncle Sam I suppose.

For Pelosi’s ready to take the Federal Government’s Gravy Train on a national tour, hitting every single state and every gritty city along the way!

From Bloomberg:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday states and cities alone are seeking as much as $1 trillion in aid in the next coronavirus relief package, a figure that may be tough to reach as Congress juggles demands to bolster the economy.

Pelosi said state governments are still finalizing their request but have so far sought $500 billion, while local governments have a similar figure. Lawmakers also are considering other proposals including another round of cash payments to taxpayers, expanded unemployment insurance, assistance to renters and wider broadband access.

“State and local, I talked about almost $1 trillion right there,” Pelosi said at her weekly news conference. “We are not going to be able to cover all of it, but to the extent we can keep the states and localities sustainable, that is our goal.”


What’s a trill here and a trill there anyway when nobody can find any inflation anywhere?

Regardless, do we have a plot twist here?

The set-up for an epic showdown?

Between Pelosi and Trump?

Because of, you know.

‘Cause of this:




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