SHUTDOWN EXTENDED: Senate adjourns until December 27th.

No problem at all. F*ck the criminal democrats who are so gutless they can’t even break ranks or else Schumer and Pelosi will cut off their campaign money (probably).

Remember when Nasty Pelosi was bragging about how “she out earns them all, outraises them all”?

I bet her and Chuckie being CA and NY get by far the most money, and from there they probably kick it down other other democrats running races all across the country because they can’t get local funding that they need.

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Because Cuck and Nasty are so critical to the DNC infrastructure they are protected by the deep state and they get ‘special insurance’ at election time in the form of carefully rigged votes like they tried to pull off again in Broward FL.

They have to be funneling money to all of the democrat supporting cast, otherwise why else would they all follow them like rats to the pied piper, none of them ever breaking ranks and voting their conscious. Many of them tell their local voters they have positions similar to Trump but we never see them act on it, it’s always whatever Cuck & Nasty want.

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“I out earn them all, I out raise them all, that’s why I’m going to be Speaker of the House” – Nasty Pelosi.

Something highly illegal is going on here but we’re again crippled by a corrupt FBI and DOJ. What will it take to make America legitimate again?

h/t Infamagaous