Significant Hedge Fund Activity (Last 7 Days)

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by badpauly

I’ve posted this hedge fund report a few times in the past but it has never received much love. In contrast, the weekly insider report I post seems to get pretty good attention.

What a lot of people probably don’t realize is that hedge fund activity is probably more predictive of future returns than insider activity. The reason is that hedge funds (a) have large research budgets, and (b) have a choice where to put their money. In contract, insiders have no choice where to put their money, but only when to time their transactions.

I’ll post this report once again to see if anybody finds it interesting.

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These are the latest Schedule 13D forms filed by activist investors in the last 7 days. Activist investors are investors that make an investment with the intention of influencing management in some way. There is evidence that following activist investors into investments can generate excess returns.

Date Company Investor Shares Ownership
06‑08 WEB / Group, Inc. Starboard Value LP 4,630,579 9.4%
06‑08 AIZ / Assurant, Inc. TPG Group Holdings (SBS) Advisors, Inc. 10,069,230 15.96%
06‑08 ITRM / Iterum Therapeutics plc Frazier Healthcare VII, L.P. 1,538,316 11.0%
06‑08 CRESY / Cresud SA Comercial Industrial Financiera Y Agropecuria Cres ELSZTAIN EDUARDO S 174,267,696 34.74%
06‑07 CVSI / CV Sciences, Inc. Mona Michael III 5,423,000 5.76%
06‑07 WOW / WideOpenWest, Inc. Crestview Partners Iii Gp, L.p. 26,682,687 31.3%
06‑06 NPHC / Nutra Pharma Corp. Lake Shore Advisors Llc 187,500,000 8.04%
06‑06 PRSP / Perspecta Inc. Musallam Ramzi M 23,273,341 14.0%
06‑06 ANW / Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, Inc. SHAH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 5,584,201 14.24%
06‑05 ETRM / EnteroMedics Inc HealthCor Partners Management LP 349,139 %
06‑05 DHCP / Ditech Holding Corporation Phoenix Investment Adviser LLC 2,959,166 42.0%
06‑04 PAYM / PayMeOn, Inc. Loricco Ronald Joseph Sr. 18,750,000 14.4%
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