Biden is just getting started! US economy now has negative GDP growth.

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Majority of US consumers will ‘struggle’ to make ends meet, investment expert says

During an interview on “Mornings with Maria” Adviser Investments CIO Jim Lowell said that there may be a bifurcated recession, where the top 1 to 15% of consumers will fare pretty well, and the majority of consumers will struggle to make ends meet in terms of household items that they need.

Mortgage applications drop 50 percent…

U.S. Economy Unexpectedly Contracts 1.4% in Q1

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Wealthy Investors: Big Stock Losses Not Buy-the-Dip Moment

  • Just under half (49%) of investors with $1 million or more in a stock market brokerage account think the market will end the second quarter with a gain, according to a quarterly survey from Morgan Stanley’s E-Trade.
  • The sectors where the wealthy are willing to put their money to work remain focused on inflation, including energy, commodities, and real estate.
  • Millionaires have come to terms with market volatility and are now more likely to say valuations have deflated from bubble levels, but the number of those moving more assets to cash rather than back into the market has ticked higher.

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