Simple Forex Strategies For Beginners

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If you have never received a slap in the face, try forex trading. It is very easy to be so confident of a trade and you make a move only for the odds to trade against you. Apparently, most forex traders fail because they neither didn’t have a strategy or had a strategy that they didn’t understand so it couldn’t work. To able to gain in on the right strategy for your trading, you have to be able to find one that suits your preferences and that you find easy to follow. This will enable you know whether the strategy is working or not. Whether or not you are comfortable with any particular strategy will depend on the amount on risk involved and the style. Before looking at strategies that work, it is very important especially for beginners to avoid strategies that most often only lead to losses. Such strategies include the use of robots and auto strategies marketed by most online forex sites.

Forex Strategies That Work Every Time

  • Timing

The time during which you are willing to trade forex is very important. Some people choose to go for short term while others go for long term. Long term involve trading only those trends that seem to last for many weeks or even months. This is also known as trend trading. Other types of trading could include swing trading which involves trading ranges and channels and contrary trading which involves following trend reversals. Although all these strategies will work, it may suit different levels of forex traders. Those who are not in haste will find trend trading interesting. However, most people especially those beginners are very impatient when it comes to trading so swing trade could be recommended for such people. This is a good way for beginners to start trading as it doesn’t require a lot of discipline. Contrary trading is also good for beginners but only those who can show a high level of discipline if they are to reduce losses.

  • Breakout Trading

Breakout trading is also a good strategy for trading forex. The idea is to get the best of a currency as it starts a new trend. Although successful breakouts are rare, the risk to reward is high. Most often traders seeking a breakout often end with a fakeout. Due to changes in the market, advances in technology and a greater number of people involved in forex trading(find out more information –, the way breakout works has evolved over time. What works today may not work tomorrow so traders should always be on the lookout for ways to improve their game.

  • Recognise Trading Pattern

Whether a beginner or not, a trader should be able to identify entry and exit points. They should be able to read trading patterns so they can make the right decisions. Generally, simple strategies will work better than complex one so it is important to keep your strategies as simple as possible. Also note that different strategies will work for different people so instead of getting stuck on one strategy, try as many as you can to see the one that best suits you.


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