Simple Zero Impact Measures That Can Be Taken Right Now To Prevent The Spread of COVID That Aren’t Being Mandated

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by HE-B-GB


There are simple measures that should be taken RIGHT NOW to minimize this with zero impact. These are simple damn things that the WHO and CDC should be encouraging and mandating, NONE of the below will have any impact on the economy or local business, in fact it may save some businesses money!

Please add to this list so we can further point out the utter incompetence of the WHO, CDC and DHS.

1) All people that can work from home with no impact on business should stay home nationwide. That alone will prevent millions of people from coming into contact with millions of others right off the bat! Has that been suggested or done, NO.

2) Set up testing stations that do NOTHING BUT THAT to keep the hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

3) Order Groceries online and pick them up, almost all Grocery stores have that option available now.

4) All airlines must provide masks for passengers MANDATORY!

5) Place hand washing stations at the entrance of all federal and state buildings.

6) Throw out or suspend the court dates of all minor traffic offenses.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t represent the views of IWB.


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