Sister Works For Toyota Dealership. Insane Car Buying Happen Last Week!

by AC

Sister works as a receptionist for a Toyota dealer and this past week on Friday – Sunday they saw a record buying spree of both used and new cars.

They sold a total of 120 cars in those 3 days!!! The general manager told the entire staff in a meeting yesterday that in the 25 years they have been in business, this has never happened before… They sold more cars in those 3 days, than they have in 3 weeks on their best month…. They usually sell about 150-170 cars a month before Convid, but they sold 120 cars in just 3 days!

Note, those 120 cars included used cars, new cars, and special orders from the factory…. They didnt have 120 cars on the lot…

They said people buy buying over sticker price and for used cars they were paying the thousands over the actually cars value… Alot of people were also ordering brand new 2023 Tundra and other new release models..

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Their best deal was this one guy who bought 4 cars for himself,. wife and two daughters..

My mind is just boggled on how their people are paying for all of this stuff. Isnt gas prices high enough for these people? Interest rates have gone up again, inflation has hit a history high, and these people are all out buying brand new cars they cant afford??

Im pretty sure these retards are all struggling to make ends meet and dont even own the clothes on their back, yet they keep out out and shopping.

WTF is wrong with the people in this country?


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