Six Insane new world order California Laws That Go Into Effect Monday

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by Thinker

  • The entire state will now ignore U.S. immigration law
  • The DMV is raising vehicle registration fees
  • Employers can’t ask applicants about their salary history
  • Low-skilled workers will have a harder time finding work
  • You can make up your gender on official state IDs
  • Schools will no longer be allowed to decide whether or not they’re “gun-free zones”
The only people that seem to be rewarded from new bills and policies of the U.S. government comprised of mostly dual citizens instead of and All American, are choosing interests that oppress the people. US political system ‘controlled by Jewish-Zionist interests’
The political system in the United States is “controlled by Jewish-Zionist interests” and “designed to prevent public participation,” an American activist and radio host in Los Angeles, California says. Recent remarks by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin ® and other Republicans calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama “is all theatrics, its all fraud which is another proper term for the American Constitution and political system,” said Rodney Martin, a former US Congressional staffer. A new poll by CNN/ORC International shows more than one third of people in the United States think Obama should be impeached by Congress.
“The American political system and the American constitution is designed to prevent change and all this talk about impeachment is just designed to appeal to the Republican base” and “to try to fool the American public into thinking that there are two different parties when in fact there is not,” Martin told Press TV on Sunday. “Under the American constitution, the American public has little to no say despite all the American rhetoric and bravado about democracy and the shining city on the hill and that the United States is going to bring democracy around the world,” he noted. Martin said the only solution for creating real change in the US political system is a “Constitutional convention and a revision to the Constitution or a new Constitution that would allow for multiple parties, but these two parties that are basically controlled by Jewish-Zionist interests will never allow that because then they would lose their lock on power.”

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American water that will profit Israel – U.S. Citizens to pay for what is rightfully theirs?
Israel California Water Conference
….Building on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Governor George Brown and Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Israel California Water Conference increased momentum to secure California’s water future… with more than 20 pilots under way, spanning agriculture, industry and municipalities. This video is a tribute to all who participated: • 300 Attendees • 24 Israeli Water Technology Companies • Milken Innovation Center, providing financial models for Water Sustainability • 19 Roundtables, facilitated by GlobalWaterWorks • 3 Panels, lead by leaders of Ag, Industry, Municipality Nearly 400 B2B Meetings… all part of IC Water…

What happens when the owners of the water take it away? What can Americans expect to see with those who want to be water God’s?
Palestine water cut off & poisoned – Israel’s Collective Punishment
According to Article 33. of the fourth Geneva convention, No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited. So, to put that in better perspective, under the 1949 Geneva Conventions, collective punishment is a war crime. Many residents of Gaza – 50% of which qualify as being children under the age of 18 – are being subjected to collective punishment, though Israels restriction of water and power into the region. Even certain sections of the West bank have come to the same fate. close to a hundred thousand Palestinians have been suffering the effects of a drastic cut in the water and power supplied being issued to them by by Israel’s Mekorot water company and other corporations controlled by Israel.
In the midst of the power and water restrictions being imposed on the Palestinian people, there has also been a heatwave which has forced many people in the area to resort to alternative and drastic options, such as drawing water from agricultural wells, or by buying mineral water, both of which are proving to be unsustainable in the long term. Palestinians are being forced into a dependency onto the Israeli state, one that they cannot afford financially or politically. The current power and water restrictions are truly devastating the already devastated Palestinian people. We the people have a responsibility to see that Israel fulfills its obligations to the Palestinian people and allow them their right to seek self determination. I ask that you please like and share this video on your favorite social media platforms in hopes of shedding some much needed light on this topic and hopefully, in time, putting an end to the illegal apartheid Zionist control over the Palestinian people.
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