Slowdown! US 30Y Mortgage Rate Declines To 5.28% Despite Fed Rate Hikes (Global Recession Alert!)

by confoundedinterest17

After breaking the 6% barrier back in June 2022, Bankrate’s 30-year mortgage rate has backed-off to 5.28% despite Federal Reserve rate hikes.

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The reason for the decline in the US Treasury 10-year is, amongst other things, a global economic slowdown (partly due to the US and Europe “going green” and cutting the supply of fossil fuel-based energy). Instead of “The Great Reset,” I call it “The Great Economic Suicide.” The 10-year US Treasury yield and Bankrate’s 30-year mortgage rate are declining with declining global GDP.

We are apparently no longer allowed to say the word “recession,” so let’s call it a SLOWDOWN.


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