Snopes gets an F for fact checking.

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by Playaguy

Fact check sites have become the prism through which many people see the world. If Snopes or MediaBias tells them it’s ok to think it, they do.

This is one of the many examples of fact check sites failing us. In this case-

“Snopes spewed propaganda, not real facts,”

“Snopes wrote the article without contacting Attkisson, who went on to state that they also listed claims she never made, then declared them to be false, and even were incorrect in one of their own claims”

It’s dangerous to rely on any one source or group of individuals as authorities on truth, as it sets up the path for inevitable censorship

Industry propaganda and censorship of health and media information that strays from the mainstream is a growing problem In your search for the truth, always follow your own guiding light — not one maintained by Snopes or any other internet watchdog or censorship authority that tries to lead you down their own biased path.

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