So 3.5 yrs later, I’m back to living out of my car. Only this time it’s kinda awesome.

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by Plato seven of 9

Let’s face it, the Toyota Prius is one of the worst things to happen to society.

I used to own one… got it cheap off my uncle, then took it across country and lived out of it till I got a job and apt.
If I never step foot inside another Prius, itll STILL be too soon.

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Now I got a subaru and it’s way better. My forester has headroom, and tons of little compartments for hiding my weed. AWD for the new England winters… roof racks for my kayak.

I’m a gypsy nomad at heart, so I enjoy the freedom this lifestyle provides.

But If you do it, you gotta do it right.
You get a nice gym membership w multiple locations and shower there.
Rent a storage space if you own a lotta gear. Or be a minimalist like me and dont amassed too much gear.

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And you gotta have a job. And, get a sturdy camp mattress, one that’s meant for outdoors.



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