So even when they dont leave their homes, they’lll have their phones and internet blocked. 1984 on steroids. Coming our way soon.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte: “If they don’t want to be vaccinated, they should not be allowed to go out of their homes”

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has said that local officials should detain people who refuse Covid-19 vaccinations inside their homes, a move that legal experts said would be unconstitutional.

In a late-night public address on Wednesday, Mr. Duterte argued that the coronavirus emergency trumped laws guaranteeing freedom of movement, calling his order “the law of necessity.”

“If they don’t want to be vaccinated, they should not be allowed to go out of their homes,” Mr. Duterte said. “They may say there is no law, but should I wait for a law knowing that many will die?”

In his address on Wednesday, Mr. Duterte said that village chiefs — elected officials who serve at the lowest level of local government in urban and rural areas — should force people who won’t be vaccinated to stay home and that, if questioned, they could respond that they were acting on “orders of the mayor,” a reference to the strongman approach he used when serving as the longtime mayor of the southern city of Davao.

It was not immediately clear how Mr. Duterte, who is known for bombastic statements and endorsing hard-knuckled police tactics, planned to enforce such a plan or when it would go into effect. Last month, he threatened to jail people who refused shots.


CDC director says European-style health passes ‘may very well be a path forward’ in US

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European-style health passes for admission to public venues “may very well be a path forward” in the United States, said Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky.

France passed a law Monday requiring health passes to enter restaurants, bars, and other public venues. To receive a health pass, people must prove that they are fully vaccinated, recently tested negative for the virus, or recently recovered from the virus.

“They’re issuing health passes there [in Europe], right, where you can go to a disco, or a disco-tech as they like to call it there, if you have a health pass,” a host told Walensky during a Wednesday morning interview. “Is that something that the CDC would ever lean in to, or perhaps advise here?”

World races to contain Delta variant…



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