So how do you isolate a virus?

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by Chris Black

Let’s begin with this: Professor Ehud Qimron: “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure”

You take a swab from a person who is sick from the supposed virus. You create a solution from it and drop it on some monkey kidney cells. Then you add cytotoxic compounds, along with a fetal solution from a cow uterus. The cytotoxic solution breaks down the cells and then the resulting solution is dried and prepared on a slide to be scanned with an electron microscope. The tiny fragments from the destroyed cells are said to be the remnants of a virus, which supposedly destroyed the cells. Not the solution that was added for that explicit purpose.

There is a big problem when you attempt to isolate the genetic code of the supposed virus. You have mixed human DNA with monkey and cow DNA. Also who knows what else was in the solution.

No lab ever actually sequences an entire genome from a human sample. 

This is because it is nearly impossible to obtain a complete intact cell. Instead a computer creates a genome from fragments using a process called alignment. 

The alignment process starts with fragments of RNA and constructs a theoretical genome—one that never exists at any point in the actual sample. A computer can essentially create anything from the available fragments. 

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You have fragments from 25,000 potential genes from the DNA one human cell, let alone the fragments from the other garbage in the sample.

 A computer can assemble whatever a researcher wants and claim it is there.

So no. Sars-Cov-2 has never been isolated. As far as I am concern, this whole pandemic is fake and gay.

Globalism failed and the masters were losing control. Covid killed every uprising around the globe and pushed Collective Authoritarianism further than any point in history. 

The WHO didn’t have the authority to declare Covid a pandemic under the old definition. Because, the old definition required a death rate of at least 20%. 

Pandemics are supposed to kill people.


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