So if Ukraine is winning the war against Russia why does Ukraine need $33B?

by Stevemagegod2

Ukraine already got $16 Bill and $800 mill back to back. So now Biden says Ukraine needs double that amount already sent?

So what has Ukraine done to EARN this money?

I only got $600 when I got laid off for Chinese Virus during the early months of the Scamdemic.

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Yet Ukraine gets fucking $49 Billion dollars of MY TAX PAYER MONEY?

Biden wants Congress to approve $33 Billion from Congress instead of Congress Declaring War on Russia.

F*ck these Warmongering pieces of shit. Unlimited money for War yet actual citizens get $600. The people in charge HATE America with a passion. They don’t even have the balls to declare War on Russia. Instead they use pussy tactics instead of getting involved directly.



Great job on accomplishing nothing, Joe


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