So the Coronavirus was preceded by a drill 3 months earlier on dealing with a coronavirus that could kill 65 million and needed globalist solutions?

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by chaos63

It looks very much like a very dangerous virus to which they developed a vaccine BEFORE it was even ‘discovered’ and it appears to have the prints of Mr Gates all over it. This will likely be used to take away civil liberties and justify forced vaccinations or at least they will try. Lookup Event 201.

I mean here they are three months before the thing started talking about their reaction to it bringing together private sector and global bodies to ‘help’ weak nation states… Used the Youtube link so you can see this is their corporate video, not some made up conspiracy shit. And they ‘projected’ 65 million deaths without the vaccine. At the current kill rate of 3% that means they planned around 2 billion people catching it. That is a lot of vaccinations…

Fortunately the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation isn’t just involved in working with multi national corporations to ‘help’ nation states who are overwhelmed, they can also help deal with anti vaxxers. Netflix just dropped a show called Pandemic today about how the Bill and Melinda gates foundation is working with brilliant scientists to prepare for the coming global flu based pandemic and how the only real threat is anti vaxxers who are a danger to us all and must be dealt with so everyone takes their shots no questions asked.

But what is te point of UPS etc being ready to ship the vaccine if there isn’t one? Fortunately the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation invested in Inovio Labs. And Inovio stock just jumped up today on news they have been picked to work on a vaccine, picked by CEPI which is funded by the Gates foundation…

All other companies that ave gotten CEPI funding have their stock down today whilst Inovio soars. Who wants to bet Inovio will get to the vaccine first and who knows if enough people die we could see over a billion vaccinated. I mean China alone is a vaccination gold mine with that many people after you let them stew for a while.This wouldn’t work on China if it weren’t pretty damn dangerous, the chinks are showing this isn’t a bluff, it is scaring them and they are dying like flies. I wonder how much they will end up paying Inovio for vaccines… Also funny how when the trade talks needed it, China’s pig population was decimated by the worst pig virus in forever…



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