So they never found a way to isolate COVID 19 through testing. If I’m wrong. Post the data that they isolated COVID 19.

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That being said. Common Cold and the Flu both include the Corona virus family.

Since they can’t isolate COVID 19 and tests can only pick up anything within the Corona family. Are they counting anything picking up Corona family as COVID 19?

Hospitals are making huge money via billing insurance for Covid 19 patients. Do they make as much if they classify anyone as Flu or common cold patients?

If you call your primary doctor, do they not ask you if you have a cough, a sore throat, or a fever? If you say yes? Do they not tell you to go to the emergency room?

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So now you need to understand why the World Health Organization stopped counting Flu cases around April 2020 on. Did COVID 19 cure the Flu? Or did FLU cases start getting counted as COVID 19?

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I’m just going to start here… Is a Harvard source OK? Or is that a little to conspiracy theory?

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