Social Justice

by Dave

While social justice is a nice thing, conceptually, it is being used to provide cover to the “elites on the left” to continue the middle-class harvesting operation arm-in-arm with the “elites on the right”.

What do I mean by this?

Have you ever noticed what the media encourages us to protest?

* racist statues

* Nazis

* school shootings/gun control

* when a cop shoots someone black

* abortion (or the lack thereof)

* gay wedding cakes

* transgender bathrooms

* kneeling football players

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* Trump said something RACIST!  OMG!

Things we are not allowed to protest – where ALL of us (both the Virtuous Social Justice Warriors AND the Racist Nazi Statue Lovers) actually have a 95% commonality of interest:

* healthcare at 20% of GDP (“the healthcare racket”)

* the poisoning of our food supply and environment

* having a defense budget larger than the next 10 nations combined

* endless war

* outsourcing of middle class jobs to Mexico, China, and elsewhere so that the shareholders and executives get a much larger share of the GDP.

Was there a protest on our terrible healthcare system?  No.  How about endless war?  No.  How about the defense budget?  No.  But let 100 Nazis schedule a protest, and we get 500,000 enraged, well-meaning Social Justice Warriors marching in the streets.  Do you think this is an accident?  No, it isn’t.

While initially it may have been a fine idea, today Social Justice is just a scam used by the elites to divide and enrage us – so we don’t notice just how much we actually have in common with all those people we have been programmed to hate.  But if both sides could get together on their shared “pocketbook” issues and demand real change – a stop to all the rackets – the elites (on both sides) would lose huge amounts of money.  And they REALLY don’t want that to happen.

Ok, admittedly, I do want my gay wedding cake.  (I mean, if you’re gay, and you want to get married, the cake seems like one of those things you’d like to have, right?)  But that issue is a pimple on the ass of the Heavenly Father compared to, say, addressing the “endless war” issue, or the “horrible healthcare racket” at 20% of GDP with the worst outcomes and the shortest lifespans in the First World.

Nationalized healthcare would cost half as much, and work twice as well.  It has been proven to work in other places.  But can we have it?  No.  Because: statues + Nazis + school shootings + kneeling football players + abortion + black lives (don’t) matter + transgender bathrooms = no oxygen in the room.

So yeah.  I don’t care about Racist Trump Tweets.  And I’m willing to give up my wedding cake. There are much, much bigger fish to fry.  I’m saving my energy for that.


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