Social Media Censorship Is Forcing Americans To Get Off Of Their A*s

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Infowars is the tip of the spear when it comes to Social Media censorship, but now patriots are having success in the real world when they begin to take action. Owen explains how you too can make a difference when you get off your butt.

Youtubers CENSORED after Fake News Hit Piece From The Far Left?! After a group called Data and Society published fake news about several youtubers in an attempt to get them censored from the platform a new study has emerged claiming that is exactly what happened.

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But this might be the weirdest fake news in the story. The study tracking “alternative right” channels seems to have no public data and makes claims about several people who were smeared by the regressive left that just are not true. While leftists may be celebrating a victory lap I couldn’t find anything to support the claims made by CNET who wrote about the “study”

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After a random sampling of channels it appears that many of the people who they claim were censored are in fact thriving. So what is this? They smeared Joe Rogan, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, and myself but all of our channels are doing well.



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