Socialism Not From Planet Earth

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by  David Panizzutti

Right from the beginning I would like to say, I have had a difficult time in understanding which ideology or “ism” is suited for humanity…. if any.
Some discoveries made along the way have been surprising to say the least. They have led me in many directions. One was a strange and ancient plan dating back millennia. Controlled by a élite group that is known today as the Illuminati, Shadow Government, Free Masons, Council on Foreign Relations or the Club of Rome, just a few names of these faceless power hungry sociopathic organisations.
One of their plans, Agenda 21 has been in the works for many generations. The failed European Union experiment is just one agenda being forced upon humanity. Another example of this strange groups actions was through the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and the financing of the Nazi party. The goal was to mobilize wealthy Jewish people out of Europe into the desert of Palestine to create the state of Israel.
Another plan is the cashless society now being developed by the crypto community but they were spoken about in a white paper decades earlier. Also the anonymous roll out of the 5G (Internet of Things). These are the final pieces of a most intricate and strange puzzle, ending in the total enslavement of humanity.
Currency and money play an importance role in this black magic used by the cabal. Banks, like that which direct the flow of rivers, direct the flow of human blood, energy and suffering. A strange correlation. But it seems to feed an invisible hand, a cashless society is essential.
It is not a conspiracy theory but a conspiring fact. With too many provable facts. These are beyond the time frame and my abilities to go into in this essay.
But for the more inquisitive reader I do urge you to type “Club of Rome, Majestic 12 or Agenda 21”, into google search for yourselves. Or for the more brave among you try “transhumanism, smart dust, 5G or chemtrails”, then hold onto your hats. Only then one may start to understand the whole “sustainable living” movement being forced upon us.
Will humanity rise up and become a type 1 civilization, based on Nikolai Kardashev’s theory or will we experience another extinction level reset. Only time will tell.
I will state that one ism, (communism) can not exist without the funding of the other, (capitalism). Communism the financially supported ideology, has a final goal that is to capture and total control and enslave all of humanity.
I will focus on two of this ism’s. Socialism and capitalism, they are the most dominant of our time.
For simplicity, I will look at these two ideologies in their purest form. At least as far as I have come to understand them.
Todays capitalism is being taught in the Neo Classical form which is more corporatism than anything else. Governments around the world have been infiltrated by the corporations with their deep pockets. In return, over regulation has strangled the free market requirements for true capitalism.
This strangling by the corporatocracy has slowly morphed into globalism.
The non financial sector has been bled into the financial sector, via deregulations. One example is the Bill Clinton repeal of Glass Steagall 1999. This act separated commercial and investment banking activities.
This reversal permitted financial institutions to diversify their products. Essentially allowing commercial banks to gamble with depositor money on the derivative market as well as other complex financial instruments.
We all know the outcome of this 2008 deception. The movie ‘The Big Short” gives a good view into this.
This and other deregulatory acts resulted in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the subsequent bailouts. Followed up by the disgusting banking bonuses. This rub’s the salt in the wounds of the public for many generations to come. As it is the public that will foot the bill.
The unfettered gambling from the banks due to this and other favourable banking industry policies is what near drove the planet to the edge of financial abyss. Let me remind readers of what actually took place.
USA Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson and his Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008. To allow this Bill to pass, essentially Paulson went to the then President George Bush Juniors government and basically said, “we are on the precipice of a banking liquidity crisis that which will sink the global financial system. If you don’t give us 700 billion dollars by morning the banking system will fail and depositors will lose everything,” meaning by the morning the world would be in a state of utter and entire chaos if you don’t pay us off, now.
A huge endorsement for this way of capitalism, when the needs of a tiny minority of bankers are put a head of the rest of the global family.
In truth, it was a more a fascist take over than anything else. A merger of corporate and state powers paid for of course by the unsuspecting public.
This one act of financial terrorism should give the us a huge insight into the true nature and goals behind this sinister agenda, controlled and orchestrated by the Bankster’s. Fascism masquerading as capitalism.
On the other hand today’s socialism is infected with bourgeois ideas of lingering capitalistic habit presented in the state apparatus. Venezuela comes to mind.
Of course the problem with Venezuela from the stand point of the purist is that it did not go far enough, as far as it did not change the mind set of all its people including the elite class.
It needed new set’s of customs and ideas enforced upon the people. Of course this is a language of coercion and violence. It is what was required to achieve the pure version of this doctrine, called Marxism. It calls for the total erasion of all property rights. This could not be done without a new mind set forced upon humanity.
Looked at through the vessel of truth it would mean the death and suffering from an unfathomable number of humans. It is hard to imagine such evils could be contemplated by our fellow beings.
Well let me introduce you to the mind of one of the founders of such ideologies. Karl Marx a 32nd degree Mason. He penned a poem in the 1800s which speaks volumes also revealing his chosen ism, that of Satanism.
                                                Pale Maiden
                                       “Thus heaven I’ve forfeited,
                                         I know it full well,
                                         My soul, once true to God,
                                         Is chosen for Hell”.
If this doesn’t send a tingle up and down your spine then maybe the quote by CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) member James Warburg in 1950 will.
He is recorded as saying. “We shall have a world government whether you like it by conquest or consent”. A stunning announcement to the world.
Or how about this direct quote, “some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economical structure-one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and proud of it”. David Rockefeller 2002.
I think I have made my point.
Now I am fully aware that these ideological (ism’s) can be argued for and against till the cows come home. This has been half my problem in figuring out this dilemma.
I have read countless article by those whom claim to have the answers, only to be left feeling like a political piñata.
My intent from here on in is to try and answer which ideology I believe is best suited for humanity. Without trying to polarize the issue further. I do not want to add to the Red and Blue culture war as I believe a Purple world would be a better one. We can find a crucial balance between production and distribution, masculine and feminine and finally end this left, right paradigm illusion once and for all.
First let me attempt to answer the very question which is at the core or Marxism, that one of property rights and whether it is a fundamental need or an unnecessary goal from a bygone error holding us back from evolving into that type 1 civilization.
In doing this what I needed to do was firstly was to free my mind of all that I had learnt. Once I had cleared these ideologies I then allowed myself to be immersed in reality. Then I applied the Law, not man-made nonsensical law but Natural Law.
How I engage and understand this Law is quite simply to be in and surrounded by nature. Most of my dilemmas in life have been solved this way. Let me give you an analogy which may help.
As I sit out in the rain forest and see the birds I ask myself, does the birds require property rights? My argument here will be, yes they do. This comes in the form of their nests.
In fact, they take ownership of these nests very seriously. Firstly by finding a suitable and safe locations and then by making a major labour investment.
Through many hours of toil and hard work they build their new homes, which will hopefully secure the next generation.
This is similar for humans, except we swap our toil and labour for these peculiar instruments we called currency. We then exchange these currencies for all types of property.
Not unlike the birds we need these properties in the hope of securing safety for ourselves and that of our off spring.
One may question if these bird really do see these nests as theirs.
Again the answer comes from a simple observation. I observed that when another bird approached their nest. They defend it with their life and every ounce of energy. Regardless of the size of the intruder. With total disregard to their own safety.
It is clearly theirs and this is absolute. Their time, toil and labour in this investment has given the bird the sense of entitlement and right.
From this observation I came to a conclusion that sentient creatures need the security of ownership. It is what gives us our sense of belonging and security which in turn creates happiness. The real question then becomes, at what cost does happiness turn to despair. When the burden of responsibility, which gives meaning to life, becomes too great for the average person to bare.
This seems to be at the core of the problem facing the Millennials today. The goal posts have been set way to high in this current artificially low interest rates market. Resulting in a ridiculously high real-estate price. Again brought to you by the Bankster’s. Clearly steering us in a pre-determined direction.
It is my belief that humans require these basic needs. As much as we have tried to separate ourselves from this one simple, logical reality humanity. It is still very much part of human nature and the world which nurtures and supports us.
Capitalism has aligned itself with democracy. The encyclopaedia Britannia’s definition of Democracy as rule by the people. The term is derived from the Greek word dēmokratiā, was coined from dēmos meaning “people” and kratos “rule”. This essentially means mob rule, chaos at best.
In any event I would hope that by now we all know the truth. And that is, we the people do not select anyone in government. They are selected for us, all we get to do is simply elect them. Let me also remind you that even thought the great American symbolic eagle of freedom has two wings a left wing and a right wing, it is how ever ruled over but one head
I believe that until banking ceases to be a business seeking and putting profits before people, rather than being a basic public service.
Or until we stop politics’ from being a short-term career with no consequences. Rather it should be voluntary job. More suited to those whose wish’s are to aid and better communities instead of self-enrichment.
And whilst humanity allows and promotes the individual over society or competition over co-operation, this only promotes a separationist society rather than collective one.
Banish, the absolute absurd notion that he who dies with the most toys wins. At the same time abolish the 38 slave hour working week, instead encourage everyone to use the newly acquired spare time to questions everything that they have been indoctrinated into them throughout their lives.
Of course a total reform of our fraudulent Fiat debt based ( Black Magic) money system, along with the implementation of true education. We need to start teaching children how to think rather than what to think.
Finally we need to understanding that the word Government when broken down is. Govern, means control and ment, refers to the mind. Also the word politics, broken down is Poli, means many and tics,  are blood sucking creatures.
Only then will we have a chance at any true or pure form of ideology, that of realism. Rather than the current indoctrination of consumerism.
Which is why I close this essay with a term so eloquently coined by English author Thomas Love Peacock in 1829 and that, we are ruled by a Kakistocracy.
We are “governed by the worst elements of society”, from Greek word kakistos, meaning worst.
So yes people it is with a sad and heavy heart that I am sorry to tell you that we are indeed ruled by and up to our necks in kaka.
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