Solar Storm Creeping Towards Earth Set to Hit Planet’s Magnetic Field…

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Solar Storm Creeping Towards Earth Set to Hit Planet’s Magnetic Field

The possible storm will be caused by a cloud of particles ejected from “an unstable filament of magnetism” on the sun on July 15, according to, which stated an expected arrival time of between July 20 or July 21.

In addition, solar physicist Tamitha Skov shared a NASA prediction model to Twitter showing what she said would be a “direct hit” from a July 15 solar ejection, but with an earlier impact date of July 19. It’s unclear if this is the same ejection.

On the mornings of July 20, the 3rd quarter moon lies between Jupiter and Mars. Then on the mornings of July 21 and 22, the moon slides by Mars. In the early morning hours of July 21, red Mars lies directly next to the waning crescent moon.

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Viewers in Japan, northeastern Russia, northwestern Alaska, Svalbard and northern Greenland can see a lunar occultation. In other words, the moon will pass in front of the planet..

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