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by AC


Now, worst case scenario is that COVID19 is a bioweapon that combines the bad aspects of HIV and SARS.

The problem being that once you get it… you can’t kick it. Call it biphasic… call it chronic… the point is that the mortality rate will never stop climbing. And all this talk about… oh, we’ll all just get the flu… is madness. Get this and if you survive the initial infection your days will be numbered.

Worse… people will realize this long before the virus has actually spread everywhere. Without a plan and guidance, in the ensuing panic and chaos our ability to research cures and treatments for the disease will diminish to nothing. This is literally an apocalyptic scenario.


However, there is a solution.

It appears the virus- as of now- struggles to survive outside of hosts in hot climates. So we only need to contain it for a couple of months in the United States before it gets much easier.

To do this… we simply need to copy what China has done… NOW. And then some! And this must be followed by all… even if you have already been infected. Please, let me explain.

The thing is, we may need to toss out protocol of ‘I must not get infected’ on its head. And instead we must think, ‘I must not infect others.’

Now, I get it. Hey… screw everyone else. It’s an apocalypse! It’s about me and my family! Right. But hear me out… even if we are infected, and this is ‘airborne AIDS..’ we will survive for quite a while. But not if hospitals are overwhelmed and there aren’t enough antivirals to go around. So yes… we should probably do this for ourselves and our families as well, right?

So here are the things we might all need to start doing pretty soon as part of a movement.

1. Limiting public transportation of any kind. I apologize to uber drivers, bus drivers, etc. But would you rather be out of a job for two months or have airborne AIDS?

2. We shouldn’t use public restrooms if at all possible. Especially for #2. Unfortunately, this looks like this might be the biggest transmission vector. Aerosolized feces/toilet water.

3. We all need to wear masks at all times in public. Even the flimsy surgical masks. Just like in China. Because the masks prevent US from infecting others. They prevent us from picking our nose, touching our mouth, etc. in public. Then touching something else and leaving the virus behind. It also does help us by preventing us from unintentionally chewing our nails, rubbing our faces, etc.

4. We need to all start wearing protective glasses apparently. I’m seeing everyone buy up n95 masks, but no one is mentioning that this virus is contagious through the eyes.

5. Washing hands/sanitizing hands before we walk into our homes.

6. Don’t touch anything unnecessarily.

7. Don’t go to public places/gatherings unless it is necessary.

8. Don’t even TALK to people in public unless it is necessary. Use as much sign language or text messaging or something as possible. Think ‘the quiet place’. Why? Airborne diseases are spread when you cough, sneeze, and TALK to other people. You can stand pretty close to an infected person and if they don’t do any of those three things… you’ll probably be okay.

9. Businesses and building need to prop their doors open so people do not have to use their hands to open the doors.

10. Take the stairs instead of elevators. Five people in an elevator and an infected person coughs… and that’s it. So… take the stairs. Also eliminates all the problems you have pushing buttons. Leave the elevators to disabled, elderly, and people that need them

11. Don’t shake hands, hug, kiss, share glasses, drinks, etc. with other people.

12. If you have a cough, sniffles, etc…. take dayquil to limit projecting the disease

13. stay home if you are sick. self quarantine if possible. (i almost didn’t put this one because it’s so damn impossible in America)

14. Don’t go to the hospital unless it is an absolute emergency. This is where China messed up. They overwhelmed their hospitals and turned them into massive cross-infection zones.

WHAT the government needs to do….

The economy is going to crash if we all become germaphobes.

So… they need to offer debt clearances. Financial bailouts, etc.

They need to supply food, water, electricity in an orderly fashion via police or military.

They need to pass out masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning agents.

They need to send out cleaning brigades just like China and bleach doorways, door handles, door knobs, public use spaces, etc.

This is just what I’ve come up with so far. Feel free to comment, add to this.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t represent the views of IWB.


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