Somali Muzzies Illegally Flown to Maine by US: Start their Slaughter Program With Christian Man/Minister? Tortured and Killed: Blood Soaked Bible

Folks, this is unprecedented in US history and we are witnesses the coming slaughter of Americans, especially Christian Americans, by Muslims who are told that when you kill Americans you hasten the return of their Mahdi and eventually Mohammed will return to rule this earth.
So, they find a Christian man ministering to people and spend hour after hour slicing him to little pieces while he is still alive. I guess that is what Allah likes to see. Then they eventually bash his brains and let his blood pour over his Bible. A picture of the blood-soaked Bible is in the link above.
The President of the US has to take an oath to protect us from all invaders ‘whether foreign or domestic’. But what do you do when not only is this oath broken by our President but he is the very person responsible for the invasion?
Forget the illegal aliens flooding across our borders without laws–all they want is a free ride for life. That is an ‘act of love’. However, Muzzies be trippin folks and they mean business. They are taking over Europe and with Obama’s help they will soon dominate our nation, culture and politics.
So, how is your arabic language skills coming along?
“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”–President Barack Obama addressing the United Nations General Assembly

from shoebat:

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Court documents that were unsealed last Monday, demonstrate exactly what Barack Hussein Obama is bringing to the shores of America in the tens of thousands every year. The details contained in the document show how three Somali Muslim immigrants beat a Christian man to death in Portland, Maine.
Three Somali Muslims, Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh, 31, Abil Teshome, 23, brutally beat and murdered Freddy Akoa, 49. The attack allegedly took place over the span of several hours, in which Akoa suffered cuts and bruises all over his body, a lacerated liver and 22 rib fractures. However, according to the autopsy, Akoa died as a result of blows to his head.
Akoa was found on his living room floor next to his blood-splattered Bible[/b]. A court document with Mohamed’s name on it was found under his body and there was a purse on the kitchen counter with contents inside with the name of Jennifer Wilson on them, according to Portland Police Detective Christopher Giesecke.
Local police would not comment on what they believed happened and whether or not the attack was religion-based or not. I’m pretty sure most of us know already that it is.
While I make mention of what the Obama administration has done by bringing tens of thousands of Muslims into the US under the guise of them being “Muslim refugees,“ which Homeland Security is failing miserably to vet these people, the reality is that the federal government has bee resettling Somali Muslims in the Portland area since 2002.


Need more? You gonna love this one. A Muzzie terrorist who has coverted many young men to leave the US and fight for ISIS is on the no fly list. But that did not stop the US from allowing him to get a Class A commercial truck license and legally drive 18-wheel trucks all over the country.
Oh, did I mention that the US paid many thousand of dollars for his truck driving school and licenses?
Right in front of our eyes. This is the new America today.



6 thoughts on “Somali Muzzies Illegally Flown to Maine by US: Start their Slaughter Program With Christian Man/Minister? Tortured and Killed: Blood Soaked Bible”

  1. Who’ll be first to implode, US or EU!!! Most of our “immigrants” on both sides of the pond are young able-bodied men!!!! Few families, and fewer children…they only have children here in America after they arrive to anchor their “freebies”!!! But very seriously, 90% of both groups are young men!!! I’m sure they will all live quietly in gratitude for our compassion…. The ones in Hungry are already organizing and demanding….

  2. If the Blacks can have open season on cops, then maybe whites should consider an open season on Muslims. Do realize this, as it stands now before they implement the law allowing immigrants can have guns, illegal immigrants cannot own weapons, so they are essentially sitting ducks. If they want to terrorize us, then we must get the jump on them and start laying down the gauntlet.
    IE: If you want to “F”-over and kill Americans, you will do so at the expense of your life. It hasn’t taken that much to instigate retribution by the black community against cops, how much do you Muslims think it will take to create a critical mass uprising amongst the whites of America? Get a clue boys, if you continue killing Americans you will not end up in heaven with a stable full of virgins, as you have been led to believe.
    These are who cannot own a weapon; Illegal aliens, or aliens who were admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa

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  3. The negro is commiting crimes everywhere. You put a demon in office and you were so desperate to have one you put him in illegally.
    Now the bloodletting comes and you still say nothing because lieberals got you thinking only of negro worship. Started mainly in Hollowood where today every movie comes with the obligatory negro often portrayed as more dignified and good guy.
    They still hate the negro and thus all of them are very ugly they trick the negro into playing. Morgan Freeman, Tracy Morgan, Whoopie, Eddie Murphy, Samuel Jackson, Forest Whittaker, Don Cheadle, etc.
    And it is just as worse on the music side. Puff Daddy, 50 Cents, Rihanna, etc.

  4. MAYBE if they paid a BOUNTY BY THE POUND?
    We might catch the REALLY REALLY FAT ONES?
    But our cops are just as FAT as he bad thingies!
    If you paid the bounty to Illegal ALIENS in the USA then there would be not genecide BS, IF you paid their HOME countries to KEEP THEM or bomb them if they do not it could help more than wars for Isralies.

  5. this site is in my rear view mirror as of this post. the commenters are nothing more than racist morons. this article is obvious race bait. i have been directed here from Michael Rivero’s whatreallyhappened. I will contact him and request he curtail offering links to this racist drivel. goodbye


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