Some health conspiracies

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by Amazonistrash
Mercury isnt, and probably never was, the real problem with vaccines.
The problem with vaccines that i have never heard mentioned by those who want better vaccine safety, who are not actually anti-vaccine, but are always mislabeled as such is this:
Vaccines are immunomodulatory substances by design. Their introduction into the body causes an immune response, which should only be to make the immune system recognize the specific pathogen in the future.
However, some of the adjuvants and the fact that many vaccines are given simultaneously with others causes feedback loops of immune response which can disrupt the microbiome and the proteome.
This disruption of the microbiome and the proteome is characteristic of many autoimmune diseases.
I suspect that there is a link between the drastically increased incidence of autoimmune disease and chronic illness(something like 1/2 of all those over 18 have at least one in the US) and four things, which include unsafe vaccines and vaccine schedueling.
Unsafe vaccines and too many at once leading to microbiome and proteome dysregulation and pathogenesis of the microbiome itself.
Biosolids fertilizer used on food crops. Most people dont know what this is, but it is lightly treated human sewage with everything that gets flushed in addition to literal human shit: cleaning supplies, prescription drugs, pathogenic viruses and bacteria of all kinds, radiotherapy, chemotherapy that is excreted and flushed. Heat treating it may inactivate the bacteria or viruses in it but they are still immunomodulatory like the inactive vaccine pathogens and have uncontrolled immune effects.
If you have never heard of biosolids fertilizer and dont know what it is, be prepared to be grossed out when you find out what gets sprayed on your food, including “organically grown” food.
GMO crops that include cross kingdom genes which express novel proteins like plants that have bacterial genetic material that could never occur in nature for example. Which is why there is a problem with a lot of current GMOs.
GMO technology is not inherently bad, like vaccines arent inherently bad. Its like any other product: there are good versions and shitty dangerous versions. Current GMOs make the food better for the people selling it by allowing it to be sprayed with carcinogenic Glyphosate or they have genes that cause food crops to produce their own pesticides.
These chemicals dysregulate the microbiome which leads to immune system dysregulation downstream. Specifically look at the increases incidence of bowel related autoimmune disease since the introduction of GMOs in the 1990s.
Food additives that would have to be labeled as powerful drugs if it werent for a loophole that allows toxic chemicals to be labeled as “spices” or even “natural flavor”. A lot of these are basically addictive drugs designed to get people hooked on eating shit quality food that maximizes profit margin at the expense of the people eating said food, like current GMO tech does. Google neurological food additives for more information.
Those four things i just listed were all introduced in the late 80s to early 90s.
Is it coincidence that people are sicker now than ever since those four things have been unleashed on the unsuspecting masses? I really fuckin doubt it!
I also dont ascribe pure evil to the people who are behind this. It makes them rich, and getting rich at the expense of others is hardly far fetched tin foil hat territory.
Also consider what happens once people are indoctrinated into this anti health lifestyle. They end up sick and then drug companies can sell them chemotherapy infusions that suppress the symptoms of their Chrons or whatever and eventually give them cancer, giving them another opportunity to sell them treatments and seldom cures. And lets not forget how this leads to depression, allowing the sale of drugs that are worse than placebo at treating depression, but have a good chance of making the victim dependent, fat and unhealthy.
Its another form of slavery like debt slavery.

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