Some Positives about Social Distancing/Quarantine

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by KrisspyKremeThomas95

For a while, I have been battling several negative emotions surrounding the pandemic and quarantine such as depression and anxiety. However, now, I am here to share with you ten positive things that have happened as a result of this:

  1. Life moves at a much slower pace compared to what I am used to.
  2. I have more time for both my productive hobbies and my fun ones as well, such as practicing languages, playing my guitar, watching different shows, and playing video games. I have also been studying more for my LSAT.
  3. I have discovered a new hobby of diamond painting.
  4. I have learned to really and truly enjoy the beauty of nature through walking outside and sitting on my porch/patio.
  5. I have been saving more money now that I am not constantly Ubering back and forth to and from work and eating out.
  6. I have been able to connect more with my family.
  7. I am learning to be okay with not always being on the go.
  8. I have been able to connect more and deeper with my friends.
  9. I am realizing that I can create my own fun and things to do without having to go somewhere or spend any money.
  10. I have really and truly started to embrace social distancing because it makes sure that everyone has their own personal space.




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