Some Thoughts on the Zelensky Regime

by Chris Black

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  1. The people around Zelensky are becoming more and more extremists, because with NATO’s failure to join this war — and what has happened in Mariupol — these extremists know that they have no one who will come to save them and no way out: It’s either death or be captured by the Russians.
  2. Thus the extremists around Zelensky are in essence suicidal — so they will be willing to sacrifice as many innocent Ukrainian lives as they need to order to survive for a little bit longer.
  3. Any general who opposes the needless loss of life will be (if he’s lucky) fired and driven away. If he’s not lucky, he’ll be shot on the spot.
  4. That’s why we are about to witness the complete annihilation of the entire Ukraine armed force. At least 50,000 men, and possibly as many as 75,000 men, are about to die for no reason whatsoever.
  5. If Zelensky tries to stop this senseless slaughter — by surrendering, which is the only way out at this point — he’s a dead man. He is a hostage to the extremists around him. They only keep him around — and keep him alive — because he has been so good at the PR game with the West that they look at him like some latter-day Winston Churchill. If he were to suddenly disappear or be outright killed, the entire Ukrainian regime would collapse.
  6. The Russians want Zelensky alive because they need him for after the war, to give legitimacy to the partition of Ukraine.
  7. The more fighting goes on, the more it is inevitable that the Russians will absorb the lands that they had to fight for. The entire coast of the Black Sea east of Crimea will become part of Russia — that is inevitable. If resistance continues in Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, and Kiev, then those cities will also become a part of the Russian Federation.
  8. Thus the sooner the surrender, the more the territory Ukraine will get to keep. But since the extremists know that they cannot surrender, the Ukraine that remains at the end of this war will be a rump state, with Lviv as its capital.



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