Something interesting is happening suggesting big movement in the coming weeks…

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by nalsur103076

First off, I am in no positions as of right now and I am currently neither bullish or bearish so this post is not biased in anyway just informational.

As we all know this week was interesting, still climbing up to 300 as deaths top and unemployment goes to the sky. Everyone here is either say V shaped recovery or another leg down. Who knows? Not me. Just thought that this information was interesting.

I checked ETF fund flows online and this is what I saw


The total outflow/inflow for Spy past two weeks was roughly -5.4 million dollars. I checked other etfs but spy was more active. Now this information only isn’t all that great but lets check DIX.

Over ⅓ of stock volume trades in the dark. Most of this volume trades at the midpoint of the NBBO, which obscures the direction of the trade, making dark pools’ pre- and post-trade data notoriously tricky to interpret. It’s all private and the graph is pretty interesting.


The green is SPY and the blue is the dark index buying and selling. And of course when spy crashed look at that buy volume insane right. But look towards the end there’s a large sell off and everyday past few days its growing and growing.

Of course I want to believe spy to 300 but at the same time a strong correction again is not too far out. Just be weary about buying shares and going all in calls like some of you idiots like to do.

My final prediction: I think we can hit spy 300 in the coming days with some nice rallies but as soon as we get there (give or take a few dollars) I think we can drop to 260 again. I think we cannot hit all time highs again in this kind of environment. Trump wants a strong market right? But I believe he wants a healthy market as well and if we can correct and climb back up, we can see our all time highs get crushed and climb higher.


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